State of Unrest: 3 State Troopers have punishment reduced by Louisiana State Police Commission

State of Unrest: 3 troopers have punishments reduced by LSP Commission

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Three Louisiana State Troopers that were accused of taking a controversial side trip on their way to a police conference last year has had their punishments significantly reduced.

During an appeal hearing Thursday, the Louisiana State Police Commission restored the ranks and previous pay to troopers Rodney Hyatt and Derrell Williams who were demoted following an investigation into the trip. Both troopers will still be required to serve suspensions.

Williams will serve a 40 hour suspension and Hyatt will be required to serve a 500 hour suspension.

A third trooper involved in the trip, Thurman Miller, had his letter of repremand overturned by the commission. A fourth trooper, who was also issued a letter of repremand over the trip, was not a part of Thursday's appeal hearing.

Questions about the trip were raised following a Lee Zurik investigation into the troopers' trip to a police conference in California. The troopers were accused of taking a detour to make an overnight stop in Las Vegas and at the Grand Canyon.

The four troopers stated that the trip had been authorized by then Colonel Mike Edmondson, but when Edmondson was approached about the trip, he denied any knowledge about the trip.

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Edmondson later resigned over questions about the trip and other scandals involving Louisiana State Police.

Colonel Kevin Reeves, the current Superintendent of Louisiana State Police, stated that he disagreed with the Louisiana State Police Commission's actions but he also respects their decision.

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