Morning Call continues fight for spot in City Park

Morning Call continues fight for spot in City Park

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Morning Call and City Park went to Civil Court to continue the battle over the beignet shop's location at the park.

Both parties went head to head about whether the bidding process for that city park location was legal.

Morning Call offered the highest bid, but lost to Cafe Du Monde after missing a mandatory meeting.

They filed a lawsuit against the park about the legality of the bidding process.

According to the lawsuit, Morning Call argued that if leases were awarded to qualified applicants with the highest bid, then City Park should have to restart the process.

Attorneys on both sides pointed out missing mandatory documents should be cause for disqualification during the application process.

Morning Call pointed out that Cafe Du Monde only provided one year rather than five years of financial statements that were required.

City Park says Morning Call did not provide paperwork confirming that 75 percent of their sales came from beignets and coffee, which was another requirement.

Morning Call wants City Park to restart the bidding process, but City Park says the lease has already been signed with Cafe Du Monde.

"We've got a few spots we're looking at. We wanted to see how this little hearing went before we make any determination but yeah, we're going to be around we're not going away," Morning Call Owner Bob Hennessey said.

"They're trying to get an injunction from the judge, so the judge couldn't do that, so we are proceeding on with our plans with Cafe Du Monde to occupy the site," City Park CEO Bob Becker said.

The judge says he plans on making a ruling in the next few days.

Until then, Morning Call will stay at its City Park Location.

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