Louisiana voting machine contract award criticized, slowed

Louisiana voting machine contract award criticized, slowed

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Louisiana has slowed its work to replace the state's decade-old voting machines and overhauled the evaluation team. The move came after one company vying for the contract accused the secretary of state's office of trying to rig the deal for a competitor.

The contractor selection had been expected in June. But after the complaint was filed, the state procurement office scrapped the original evaluation committee and removed Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin from it.

Ardoin says he was involved in revamping the evaluation team and addressing the complaint. He says the reworked contractor selection process will be "good, fair and equitable for the people of Louisiana."

The company that raised the allegations of impropriety, Election Systems and Software, wouldn't say whether it's comfortable the changes addressed all of its concerns.

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