Taysom Hill admits 'pregame jitters' before suiting up at QB for the Saints

Taysom Hill admits 'pregame jitters' before suiting up at QB for the Saints

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - It's been over 11 months since Taysom Hill played quarterback in an NFL game. Yes, there was some nerves, but Hill no doubt impressed in his Saints QB debut. He led the Black and Gold in rushing and passing against the Jaguars.

"It was a long time coming, so I was definitely excited. Pregame jitters. I had a lot of high hopes, expectations for myself going into the game. It just felt good to be back on the field playing quarterback under center," said Taysom Hill.

Hill passed for 72 yards, and rushed for 52. In the NFL, running quarterbacks take a beating, and many coaches rather their QB stay in the pocket.

"I think everyone is aware that's part of my game. That makes me unique. It creates difficulties for the defense. I think there's this balance of 'hey we don't want to take away from you being you.' Let's try to limit any shots, or be smart when you do it," said Hill.

There's a first for everything in football, and for Hill that was against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He had never played quarterback and special teams in the same game ever.

"We went down and had a punt return, we tried to block the punt. The very next drive I started. So I'm running off the field trying to get my gloves, throwing them to the sideline. Luckily, we took a knee. I wouldn't have touched or thrown a ball for quite a while before starting that drive. Something that was a first time for me," said Hill.

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