The first male Saintsation: Jesse Hernandez

Updated: Aug. 23, 2018 at 4:06 PM CDT
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New Orleans, LA (WVUE) -He might stand out on the field as the first and only male Saintsation, but Jesse Hernandez says it’s something he’s been training for his entire life.

The lights, the moves, the routine… Jesse Hernandez says it's taken a lifetime of training to become a Saintsation.

“I’ve been dancing since the age of 2, so I’ve been training for something like this my entire life basically,” said Hernandez.

He recently made his debut on the field in a preseason Saints game. But Hernandez first started making headlines during try-outs, drawing attention as even possibly earning a spot as the first male Saintsation.

So far, he says the experience has been glittering in black and gold.

“It’s been very positive everything that’s been happening to me meeting these girls, the coaches and a lot of people from the Saints organization; it’s been positive feedback.”

Earning the title of the first male Saintsation, Hernandez says he’s continued to be awed and humbled by the recognition surrounding him. The New Orleans City Council even took time to recognize Hernandez’s achievements.

“It’s a first, it’s a breakthrough. New Orleans is such a diverse city and when you think of love, laughter, fun, and food you think of New Orleans.

So I think they recognized it because it is a breakthrough and it brings something different to the culture,” said Hernandez.

While there may be naysayers, Hernandez says he turns a deaf ear to them.

“My merits and what got me here to this position should explain for themselves, and people are going to have an opinion and that’s their opinion and I’m just going to dance it out,” said Hernandez.

Jesse shared with us he is both comfortable and thankful for the jeans that he performs in.

He says in the performances to come, there will be variations in his dress and the rally towel he carries instead of pom poms.

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