Nanette Krentel’s family raises questions about her homicide investigation

Updated: Aug. 23, 2018 at 5:26 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Members of Nanette Krentel’s family are raising concerns about the ongoing investigation into her unsolved homicide. The concerns come, one day after they met with the sheriff.

FOX 8 was the only news crew at the sheriffs office as the family of Krentel went in for their briefing on the investigation into her death.

"I do believe they are doing everything they can to get answers," said sister Amy Bernard, Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office laid out new details in it’s 13 month investigation, including information as to the whereabouts of husband Stephen Krentel and his brother Bryan, at the time of Nanette Krentel’s homicide. The sheriff also showed video of a red Merecedes SUV, similar to Nanette’s, but family members are not convinced it was hers.

“You can’t tell it’s Nan at the McDonald’s, and that’s been our top concern, that she was shot that night or that morning,” said sister Wendy Watson.

She wonders why others in the video weren't questioned.

“We’re just troubled that they have had a year to do that, and then they say let’s research the cars that were at the McDonald’s, it just blows my mind,” said Watson.

The sheriff's office says it's conducted more than 30 interviews and executed more than 20 search warrants as it investigates the death of a former teacher, who's burned body was found shot in the head, in the rubble of her home in July of last year.

“We’re trying to release as much as possible without compromising this case,” said Sheriff Randy Smith during a one on one interview earlier this year.

The sheriff’s office also says a gun cabinet in the home was found locked. And they say the caliber of the weapon used to shoot Krentel in the head matched that of a weapon found inside the home.

"The most compelling factor in finding for homicide, there was no soot in her airway," said St Tammany Coroner Charles Preston, MD, last year.

Though St. Tammany’s coroner ruled the death a homicide, Wendy Watson believes investigators aren’t convinced.

"He said it's 70% murder, 30% suicide,,, you're either pregnant or you're not," said Watson.

Sheriff Randy Smith has insisted this investigation is a top priority of his office. But Wendy Watson says she won’t rest until the killer is found.

The victim’s family members say they are now seeking a meeting with the coroner to get more information on Nanette Krentel’s death.

We reached out to Sheriff Smith’s office for comment on family concerns, but have not heard back.

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