Officers recorded saving woman threatening to jump off TX overpass

Officers recorded saving woman threatening to jump off TX overpass
Family members said the woman is now getting treatment. (Source: KTVT/CNN/Fort Worth Police Department)

FORT WORTH, TX (KTVT/CNN) - A woman is alive in Texas after two police officers stopped her from jumping off a highway overpass.

The incident took place 80 feet above the ground. When officers reached the scene, the woman was preparing to jump.

"Don't do it," were the first words out of Officer Justin Henry's mouth when he and his partner Trae Cierzan pulled up on what they thought was a stranded motorist.

"As soon as we get there, she jumps out of the car and, you know, we're like, ‘Oh no,’” Henry said.

Police stop woman from jumping off bridge

The woman stood on the edge of the bridge high above the interstate with the heels of her feet hanging over it.

"I just think we thought we had to get her down as quick as we could. We had the storm coming in," Henry said.

The woman warned officers she was going to jump.

"Definitely scared,” Cierzan said. “It's not every day you see somebody that's hanging up there."

While the officers tried to talk her down, they slowly positioned themselves as they closed in, and eventually pulled her to safety.

"We both grabbed her at the same time,” Cierzan said. “We didn't really say or communicate back-and-forth to each other, we just kept looking at each other and gave each other head nods.”

The woman was briefly handcuffed for her own protection, but taken to a hospital where her family said they are forever grateful to the officers who saved her life.

"Thanks for all you did to save our daughter and your hard work,” the family said in a statement. “We appreciate all that you do."

Family members said the woman is getting treatment, and they hope to thank the officers in person someday.

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