Gov. Jindal signs campaign finance reforms into law

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Governor Bobby Jindal has signed into law several pieces of campaign finance legislation, some of them prompted by a FOX 8/ joint investigation of campaign finance practices in Louisiana.

Under one measure, House Bill 1079, lawmakers would have to provide more information about such campaign expenses in the future.

Rep. Tim Burns, primary author of HB 1079, says the bill will "require that the use be clarified better... that it's used for a political or campaign purpose." Burns' bill forces politicians to be more descriptive in relating expenses to campaigns or their public office.

Other bills signed into law by the governor include:

  • HB 695 - (Burns): Gives the Ethics Board authority to request clarification or additional information from candidates regarding campaign finance disclosures
  • SB 272 - (Murray): Provides that changes to the forms by the Supervisory Committee on Campaign Finance and personal financial disclosure forms by the Board of Ethics shall be accomplished through approval of the Committees on Senate and Governmental Affairs and House and Governmental Affairs
  • SB 303 - (Amedee): Would remove a requirement that the Ethics Board launches an investigation before filing charges for failure to file financial disclosure forms
  • SB 394 - (Morrell): Would prohibit people who owe ethics fines of $250 or more from being appointed to any state or local board.

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