Strip clubs required to conduct human trafficking training

Human trafficking training will be mandatory

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Two New Orleans East strip clubs will have to train employees about human trafficking as part of a consent agreement with the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

The ATC suspended the clubs alcohol licenses last month after an undercover bust. Investigators say club workers were involved in prostitution and drug sales at both She-She’s and Visions strip clubs. As part of an agreement to reopen, both businesses will have to now conduct human trafficking training for its employees.

“I think by forcing that human trafficking training it allows the girls to know when they’re being victimized and when they’re not, and it allows them to spot potential victims coming in because in New Orleans we have so many special events, and a lot of times they bring in people from the outside. They’re moving some of these girls from state to state to state,” said Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control Board Commissioner, Juana Lombard.

The State ATC Commissioner says human trafficking in Louisiana is a much bigger problem than people realize.

“I was told today actually that one of the girls that was dancing at one of the clubs became a trafficking victim supposedly because she couldn’t dance anymore,” said Lombard.

We reached out to Visions but we were told the club had no comment. We were unable to reach anyone at She-She’s Monday night. But last month, the general manager told us he believed his club was being punished unfairly.

“I have 5 security people who monitor everything, I have signs everywhere, saying we will fire them or call police if we find drugs or weapons, some of this is overkill,” said general manager Darryl Porche.

Under the consent agreements with the ATC, both businesses will also be required to hire more security and enforce a zero tolerance policy for employees involved in criminal activity.

“Just in these two clubs we had multiple cases of prostitution solicitation so the question becomes are they committing the illegal acts on their own free will or or they committing the illegal acts because they’re being forced to and that’s part of what we are still investigating,” said Lombard.

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