Houma police investigating after officer is spotted in rap video

Houma police investigating after officer is spotted in rap video

HOUMA, LA (WVUE) - Police have launched an internal investigation into one of their own after a Houma police officer was sighted in a local rap video.

The video not only features violent lyrics, but people are also seen brandishing what look like handguns.

Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman says what’s depicted in the video is not something they support.

“When you’re in a video with people brandishing weapons, flashing money, and talking about violence that’s not what we stand for at all,” said Coleman.

They’ve since launched an internal investigation into the patrol officer, looking into what led up to her being in the video.

“I’m not making excuses for her at all she may have been patrolling that area,” said Coleman.

Bobby Castle is the artist featured in the song. His rap name: Fvme The Goat. He says while they were making the video, the officer pulled up to ask what they were doing, and the group continued to film. Fvme and his brother say they’re familiar with the officer, saying she patrols regularly in the area and they would hate for her to lose her job.

“We told her we were shooting a video, she said alright. She stood right here, we kept shooting…To be real, she asked us, ‘Can I be in your video?’ We said, yes you can be in the video,” said Castle.

The woman behind the camera was Jalisa Mulligan. She said once the officer pulled up and asked what they were doing, she kept the camera rolling.

“Some cops would look for trouble, but they were making sure we weren’t getting into trouble and I appreciate them for that,” said Mulligan.

As for the guns that frequently appear throughout the video: “The guns are really pop guns, but we didn’t have any pop guns at the scene they pulled up at,” said Castle.

But while the officer was around, Mulligan and Castle say they knew better than to pull out anything that looked like a weapon.

Coleman says they are not identifying the officer and are in the early stages of the investigation. He says that process could take up to a couple months.

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