16-year-old girl allegedly stabbed to death over boy, police say

16-year-old girl allegedly stabbed to death over boy, police say
Danya Gibson was a beloved student at Warren High School in Detroit. She was killed Wednesday. (Source: Felicien, Tesalon)

(WDIV/CNN) - A 16-year-old girl is dead and her 17-year-old classmate is in custody following a stabbing Wednesday at a Michigan high school.

Police said the altercation may have been over a boy.

It was the second class of the day at Warren Fitzgerald High School when the student plotted murder with a steak knife.

Orion Taylor, 17, said a nasty disturbance interrupted economics class.

"Part of me believe she was stabbed before we saw her get stabbed," Taylor said. "When she was in the back of the classroom because there was a blood trail, blood on the floor."

The 16-year-old victim, Danyna Gibson, ended up stabbed twice.

Gibson, a highly regarded and beloved student, was elected to student council, was prominent on the robotics team and was part of the National Honor Society.

Wednesday, she was lifeless as a school security officer did CPR on her after the stabbing at about 8:30 a.m.

The student who killed Gibson will be charged with murder.

A vigil is planned for Gibson.

The loud and deadly scuffle lasted only seconds, and the students there say the teacher's quick action prevented any more bloodshed.

“At the time the teacher was getting the knife out of the girl’s hands so she would harm nobody else," Taylor said. “We’ve got to thank God for her because she really played a role in this one. She played her role as she did the right thing.”

Taylor said she saved lives.

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