Louisiana Cajun Navy travels throughout Carolinas to help in Tropical Storm Florence

Local man aids in NC flood rescues

WILMINGTON, NC (WVUE) - Members of the Louisiana Cajun Navy went to the Carolinas and are seeing the effects from now-Tropical Storm Florence.

Jordy Bloodsworth with the Cajun Navy said they drove from South to North Carolina Thursday night, and to the coast Friday morning to follow the path of Hurricane Florence.

"The conditions have been kind of hit and miss, and that's just due to the storm moving so slow and catching those outer bands," Bloodworth said.

Bloodsworth says they were in New Bern, a riverfront city near the North Carolina coast.

"The rain has picked up a good bit. It's much steadier than it was the last 12, 24 hours, and the winds are a little more sustained. It's nothing overbearing right now, still on the coast," Bloodsworth said.

He says some areas started to flood, along with trees falling on power lines and into roads.

"It's definitely taking a toll. There's a lot of trees going down, the ground's wet. Ditches are filling, rivers are filling, so that constant rain is definitely taking a toll on everything," Bloodsworth said.

Bloodsworth said despite evacuation orders, many stayed behind.

“There were more people out than I anticipated seeing, as well. A fair amount of cars just out driving around through downtown and looking around, saying they were going to assess damage,” Bloodsworth said.

The crew headed to Wilmington Friday afternoon, where the storm hit in the morning.

“We have more boats and resources obviously pulled together than some of the cities have available to them or could get into them. So we just come in and help as much as we can whether it be assisting them or splitting up from them,” Bloodsworth said.

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