Rivalry renewed, Holy Cross-Chalmette meet for the 49th time

Rivalry renewed, Holy Cross-Chalmette meet for the 49th time
Holy Cross leads the series 33-12-3.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - For the 49th time Chalmette and Holy Cross will meet on the field tonight. The Tigers no longer neighbors to the Owls, after moving the location of the school post-Katrina, but the rivalry is no doubt there.

Holy Cross-Chalmette preview

“This week is a easy week for us to get them going at practice. The kids are ready to go always for this week. They look forward to it. This will be the biggest crowd they play in front of all year. They know some of the kids at Holy Cross, so they’re going to be excited,” said Chalmette Head Coach Jason Tucker.

A new twist the Holy Cross-Chalemette rivalry, the addition of head coach Guy Lecompte to the Holy Cross Tigers.

“I’m excited each week that we play. After you do it long enough, you’ve been in big games. I’m not familiar with the rivalry here, so it’s hard for me to comment. My approach has always been my approach whether it’s a playoff game, quarterfinal, semi-final, or state championship. Doesn’t change my approach. Our approach is going to be our same approach. We try to keep it even keel,” said Holy Cross Head Coach Guy Lecompte.

“They’re a little more air raid type offense. Coach Lecompte does a great job with it. They throw and catch the ball, the offensive line is real sound with their protection. They have a real good running back, they’re really balanced,” said Tucker.

New coaches, new systems, doesn't matter. It's Chalmette-Holy Cross, a nail-biter should be in the cards tonight.

“It always seems to be really close over the last few years. Two years ago, it came down to a blocked field goal that they picked up and scored. Last year, we were able to kick the go-ahead field goal, to get the go-ahead victory there,” said Tucker.

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