Group donates to Kenner city boosters in light of Nike ban

Group donates to Kenner city boosters in light of Nike ban

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The ban on Nike products in Kenner may be lifted, but negative feelings still linger. One group is trying to change that with a large donation to Kenner City athletics.

Larry Morrow has spoken out against Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn’s Nike ban from the beginning. The mayor originally signed the Sept. 5 memo that received national attention, saying it was an effort to protect taxpayer money from supporting a political campaign. He has since rescinded that memo.

However, Morrow and others say they’re still inspired to help those who were at the center of the ban: children participating in recreation programs.

“On behalf of Morrow’s, Judy with Kaleidoscope, New Hope Ministries, Pastor Blake, we’re going to make a donation of $10,000,” said Morrow.

Lenora Chong with Morrow’s restaurant says there are still some lingering negative feelings and hope this money will inspire some positivity.

“This allows us to be unified to be able to come together and be supportive and this is a step in the right direction,” said Chong.

A volunteer coach with the city of Kenner, Brian Williams says he never anticipated the support that’s poured in for their teams, including this most recent donation.

“I’m sure I speak for the kids the parents and coaches when I say thank you,” said Williams.

He says they’ll never turn away help because as most parents and coaches, they’re volunteering their time and money for the student athletes.

“I think any amount of money will help anyone who’s affiliated with this,” said Williams.

Williams says out here and on the court his athletes aren’t just learning the sport, they’re learning life lessons.

“That’s another good thing that came from this everybody’s putting politics to the side and putting the kids to the forefront that’s awesome that’s a win,” said Williams.

Williams says despite the mayor rescinding the memo, he fears the damage is done.

“It just got to the point where it was a big headache this was the one spot in Kenner where politics didn't matter, and they politicized it,” said Williams.

Morrow says they plan to present the check and the money to the Kenner city recreation boosters this coming week.

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