Jury hears chilling 911 tape of Des Allemands woman’s call before being murdered

Jury hears chilling 911 tape of Des Allemands woman’s call before being murdered

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A jury in Orleans Parish Criminal Court listened to the chilling 911 tape of a woman just moments before she was brutally murdered in New Orleans East.

Lindsay Nichols, 31, of Des Allemands, called 911 back in June of 2015.

After that call, police say Nichols was beaten, shot and set on fire in the trunk of her car at Michoud and Lake Forest boulevards.

“That long list of brutal crimes does not begin to describe what was done to Lindsay and how she left this earth," a prosecutor told jurors. “They beat her to the point where she nearly lost consciousness. They snapped a bone in her neck, shot her in the neck six times, drove to another area, Put her in the trunk of her car and set her on fire."

Troy Varnado, 30, is on trial, accused of second-degree murder and the kidnapping of Nichols.

His co-defendant, Thayon Samson has already pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Samson is expected to testify against Varnado.

During opening statements, Varnado’s attorney told the jury his client is innocent and that he was present the night Nichols was killed, but that it was Samson and his brother who committed the crime.

Nichols’ mother also took the stand this morning and described her daughter as a kind person who left behind a young son.

The lead detective testified for a majority of the afternoon regarding cell phone texts and calls between Varnado and Samson before, during and after the time investigators say the crime was being committed.

The detective also testified about a couple of jail letters that were intercepted, including some from Samson that spoke about killing Varnado.

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