Many residents satisfied with NOPD, survey says

Residents agree that drugs remain a problem in the city

Annual NOPD satisfaction survey

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - More than half of New Orleans residents say they’re satisfied with the job the NOPD is doing.

That’s according to a new survey by the New Orleans Crime Coalition. Resident satisfaction stands at 55-percent, which is actually up four points from 2017.

The survey also found satisfaction with how the department is handling violent crime, increased by eight points. So 47-percent of residents now feel satisfied.

Almost 67-percent of adults are happy with police performance in their neighborhoods. The survey is done annually. This is their 14th survey since 2009.

It also found that 83-percent of people feel safe in their neighborhoods. About 87-percent say the NOPD employee they interacted with was pleasant and courteous.

But there is a decrease in satisfaction, more residents feel there are issues with getting drugs off the street. In fact, only 37-percent of residents are happy with those efforts.

The survey notes the decrease in satisfaction with drug efforts could reflect the known shortage of police officers and staff.

The survey was conducted from September of last year to now.

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