Students and city council rally against violence

Two teenagers have been killed in recent shootings

Rally against violence in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Hundreds marched from the Superdome to the steps of City Hall.

They wanted to send a message of peace and a message to stop the gun violence. The idea of today begin after the fatal shooting of Eleanor McMain freshman chance Smith. Smith was 15-years-old.

He was killed inside and Algiers home and only experienced two weeks of his freshman year. Students from McMain were certainly here today but they were joined by students from several other schools who said the gun violence affects them too.

The mayor and City Council certainly took notice Thursday. Mayor Latoya Cantrell addressed the crowd and said she wants to start a youth advisory committee made up of students who can advise the council and city leaders about the problem and how to address it.

“It was already a serious issue but the fact that we had to bury a classmate it made this even more serious. So we felt like as a youth we don’t want that to happen anymore. Having mayor Cantrell here was just amazing," one student said.

This is the second rally held for the Eleanor McMain student to bring to light the senseless violence both city leaders and students want to end.

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