NOPD says it needs public’s help to solve mass shooting case

Nopd investigation on a mass shooting on S. Claiborne

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - “This Friday will mark two months since two people cowardly shot into a crowd outside of a row of businesses on South Claiborne Avenue,” Chief Michael Harrison said at a Tuesday (Sept. 25) news conference.

It’s a case that gained national attention over the summer when 10 people were shot in the parking lot of a strip mall. Three of those victims died, including Kurshaw Jackson, Jeremiah Lee and Texas tourist Taiesha Watkins.

“Our investigators have not stopped working on this case and won’t stop until these two individuals are behind bars where they belong,” Harrison said.

Police say two gunmen wearing hooded sweatshirts opened fire on a large crowd. They say one of them fired a rifle and the other one used a handgun.

Harrison said his investigators believe they’ve identified the prime suspects in the case, but he isn’t ready to release their names to the public.

“Just because we’ve identified who we believe to be suspects doesn’t mean we have enough evidence, and what we need is information from someone who saw something or knows something,” Harrison said.

“We need the full participation of residents. If you have seen something, step up and say something,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

Investigators believe one of the victims, Jeremiah Lee, was the intended target, and they say it’s believed Lee had ties to a gang.

It’s something his family has denied.

Crimestoppers increases it's reward and NOPD asks for more tips to solve mass shooting case.
Crimestoppers increases it's reward and NOPD asks for more tips to solve mass shooting case.

“I’m not saying he was an angel or anything, but he was trying to be a role model citizen. He had two daughters and a son, and he was working,” said the victim’s brother, Jamil Hill.

Chief Harrison called the case a very active investigation, and to drum up additional tips, Crimestoppers has increased it’s reward. That money, along with money from the FBI and ATF, brings the total reward to $27,500.

“We are not looking for your identity. We are truly just looking for your information. Every piece of information is important,” said Crimestoppers CEO Darlene Cusanza.

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