Short-term rentals decision postponed

Short-term rentals decision postponed
Decatur Street, French Quarter (Source: Weston, Kelly)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A decision on the future of short-term rentals was postponed Tuesday (Sept. 25).

The City Planning Commission met to hear the results of a study on the issue and to hear public comment, but it did not make a decision, instead deferring to schedule a special meeting next Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Public comment on the study lasted almost three hours. The study outlines several measures for the commission to consider in overhauling short-term rental policy in New Orleans. Some of the recommendations include doing away with temporary licenses, instating an appeal process for illegal short-term rental operators, and requiring short-term rental owners to live within a certain radius. It also recommended allowing short-term rentals across the city, including in the French Quarter and Garden District.

But many are still concerned that if there are going to be any changes, they need to be fair across the board. The commission is also encouraging people to submit written comments by the end of business Friday because of the number of people who could not stay late enough to speak.

Following public comment, the commission continued to ask questions and make their recommendations to the staff who complied the study.

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