Tulane beats Memphis in a ‘must win’ game, now meets up with undefeated Cincinnati

Tulane vs Cincinnati preview

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Nearly a two touchdown underdog, a two-game losing streak, it appeared everything was going against Tulane when they met up with Memphis last Friday. But the Wave proved the doubters wrong, winning by double-digits at home.

“The team’s attitude going into last week was it’s a must-win week. We were 1-3 going into that game, we needed to get the ball rolling. Opening up conference with a good team like Memphis. It was good to come defend our house and get a good win. I think defensively we got seven sacks. I think that’s more sacks than we had last year. Our confidence was high, our energy was high. That can propel us the rest of the year,” said defensive lineman Cameron Sample.

“Big win for us last Friday night. Seems like about a month ago. Big win, I’m really happy with our guys. I thought we had a lot of enthusiasm and energy on the sideline. We started off well, and just kind of built on that against a good football team. So like I always say, we got to turn the page, move on to the next game,” said Head Coach Willie Fritz.

Tulane is 0-2 on the road this season. This week they face an undefeated Cincinnati.

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