It’s a battle of undefeated teams when Country Day and Newman meet Uptown

It’s a battle of undefeated teams when Country Day and Newman meet Uptown
Newman is ranked No. 5 in Class 2A.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Newman-Country Day, one of the best rivalry games in our area. This year, both the Cajuns and Greenies are ranked in the top ten. The hype for this matchup is off the charts, and those involved are just trying to keep the focus on the field.

Country Day and Newman are both 5-0

“With Newman, the bigger thing that we concerned with is, the outside influences that will clutter our mind. You know this kind of happen in our first year. We were #1, and we were going to play them, and all the parents were telling them these things. Everyone was getting excited about the game, and our kids lost sight of preparing for the game. Getting ready to play the game. We laid an egg, and played like garbage that night,” said Country day Head Coach Joe Chango.

“I think if we just block out the noise, and focus on the 100 yards in front of us, that’s all we need to do. There’s a lot of hype around this game every year, no matter what our records are. A lot of people have been texting me, but I just say show up at 7 o’clock and be ready,” said Newman quarterback Martin Butcher.

Giving this Country Day-Newman game a little extra sizzle, both the Cajuns and Greenies are undefeated. But most importantly, they both play in the same district.

Look, rivalries are for the fans, and I love that our fnas and their fans get all juiced up for the game. It’s all exciting for everybody. But for us it’s a big game because they’re 5-0, and they’re a district opponent. It has nothing to do with the rivalry that exist between the two schools. If this was any opponent that was 5-0 in our district, we’d be preparing our butts off for a good football team, and that’s not going to change because we’re playing Newman," said Chango.

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