Attorney: Second settlement reached in abuse case involving former deacon

Attorney: Second settlement reached in abuse case involving former deacon

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - An attorney says the Archdiocese of New Orleans has agreed to pay out another settlement for a second alleged victim of defrocked deacon George Brignac.

The allegations involve another former altar boy from Our Lady of Holy Rosary Church.

The alleged victim’s attorney, Roger Stetter, planned to file suit for allegations of rape and other forms of sexual abuse for a man who was 10 years old in the early 80s when the abuse allegedly occurred. Stetter said he had reached a settlement with the Archdiocese of New Orleans, which he described as reasonable.

“There’s not enough money in the world to compensate," said Stetter. "You can’t give back someone’s childhood.”

This would be the second settlement involving Brignac in less than a year. Stetter says 13 more men are claiming Brignac abused them.

“Sometimes he would brand a kid by giving him a hickey, as if to say. ‘I own you,’” said Stetter.

Brignac has denied the allegations.

Attorney Stetter says the abuse occurred both at the church and in Brignac’s family home nearby, which is the same account given by another former altar boy who reached a half-million-dollar settlement earlier this year.

“Brignac should’ve never been allowed to teach because he was credibly accused of abusing three children,” said Stetter.

The latest alleged victim says he was abused as an altar boy and also as a delivery boy for a local grocery store.

“Brignac would invite him into his home where he had free reign,” said Stetter.

And he says this alleged victim is willing to talk to law enforcement about a criminal investigation, which remains active.

“They’ve reached out to me and want victims to come forward,” said Stetter.

Wendy Vitter, the attorney for the archdiocese, told FOX 8 that she “could not speak to any specific claim.” She went on to say that “when we handle cases of abuse, and the person asks for confidentiality, we respect that request, or in some cases, the legal agreements.”

Stetter says he’s got more settlement talks scheduled in the coming months.

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