Building collapses in Seventh Ward with workers inside

Building collapses in Seventh Ward with workers inside

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - “I was in the kitchen eating breakfast and I heard a loud boom sound,” said resident Larry Bankston.

It was just after 10:30 when a startled Larry Bankston peered out his window to find the pitched roof on the house next door had folded in. "I hope anybody in the house got out safely," Bankston said.

Knowing the house was under renovation, it was the first thought on Bankston's mind.

11 workers were inside. Firefighters say they received a call indicating at least four of them were trapped, one stuck under debris in the rear of the house. Others made it out before emergency responders arrived. Once they did, Firefighter Michael Williams says the rescue went by the books.

“Once we can rescue everyone we can see you right away then we start with the primary search of checking all the areas, trying to find who it was on the scene so we can get a headcount, make sure we have everyone and everyone is safe," explained Firefighter Michael Williams.

Five of the injured were taken to Touro. The other six were transported to University Hospital's Trauma Center.

“Of the six people that went to University, two had a little more extensive injuries that maybe need a little bit more follow up but everybody is stable,” said Bill Salmeron with New Orleans EMS.

Bankston has to stay away until the roof is cleared off of his home but, after an inspection set for Thursday evening, he should be able to move back in.

There’s also good news for Bankston’s home.

“The inspector says there was no structural damage,” Bankston said.

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