FFF: Brees returned to the Saints in 2018 for one reason, SB trophy

FFF: Brees returned to the Saints in 2018 for one reason, SB trophy
Drew Brees breaks the career passing yardage mark held by Peyton Manning. (Source: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In this edition of FFF, we dissect the locker room speech by Drew Brees, see how Manchester United is doing under American ownership, and take a close look Alon Shaya’s new spot.


Monday night was a memorable one for everyone involved in the Black and Gold family. Drew Brees broke a record, the Saints won the contest, and are now contenders in the NFC.

But, one other thing stuck out from Monday night, the locker room speech of Drew Brees.

Brees locker room speech

I’ve said a few times before the season started, Saints win the Super Bowl, No. 9 is retiring. He makes it clear postgame, he’s only back for one reason.

The Saints and Rams are the favorites in the NFC to get a berth in the Super Bowl. So Drew’s reason for returning is looking like a wise move so far.


It’s been 13 years since the Glazer family bought English football team, Manchester United. The Red Devils are the most successful club in England, but haven’t won the English Premier League in five years.

With no titles in that five-year span, and other clubs passing up Man U, the English tabloids are dissecting the Glazer family. Good read on the dynamics of the power structure in the family.

I’ve posted this before, but still find it fascinating, one of Manchester United’s owners spends a lot of time in NOLA. Avram (Avie) owns a house Uptown.


Alon Shaya’s Saba, opened less than six months ago on the corner of Magazine and Nashville. I’ve been twice, and came away with a great impression of the spot both times.

To be very honest, I feel like I’m back at Alon’s old spot, Shaya. The menu and the vibe of the place is very similar.

There is one major difference though, the blue crab hummus you can only get at Saba. I think this is the star of the menu. It comes with beech mushrooms, lemon butter, and mint.

On of the best dishes in NOLA, the blue crab hummus at Saba 😍😍. It’s mixed in with chanterelle mushrooms, lemon butter, and mint. Seriously, go try it now, you’ll love it.

Posted by Garland Gillen FOX 8 on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

At the beginning it was pretty hard to get into Saba, but now you should have no problem getting in. Outdoor seating will be clutch at Saba with the weather cooling down.

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