Parish, business leaders encouraged by Elmwood Shopping Center project

Parish, business leaders encouraged by Elmwood Shopping Center project

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Extensive plans for the Elmwood Shopping Center promise to drive future residents to the area and business upwards. This after the Jefferson Parish Council unanimously passed the $10 million development plan to update the nearly 45-year-old shopping center.

It’s difficult to have a bustling business without a busy neighborhood. Aaron Vogel with District Donuts hopes developing the Elmwood Shopping Center into a more walkable area will help bring people to their storefront.

“It’s gonna be good for us, for sure, because we’re the kind of place where you can come in, grab something that’s easy to walk with by hand, kinda pop a slider in, a donut, or a cup of coffee. So I think it’ll really benefit us,” said Vogel.

Jefferson Parish Councilman Paul Johnston says the council unanimously passed the project. He says the developer, Lauricella Land Co., plans to do much more than build onto existing buildings.

“They’re going to change the whole outlook of the whole shopping center. They’re going to do landscape, water management, retention, change the street design. There’s going to be a lot of things in this area that’s really nice….the Kmart’s going to be renovated, they’re going to add four to five stories of apartments above it - high-level apartments - and it’s going to bring in new retail stores below it,” said Johnston.

Johnson says with so much development in his district already, they’re excited for the growth this project promises to bring. Johnston said the developer has already invested millions in the surrounding storefronts. He says it will take an estimated 10 years until everything, roadways, water infrastructure are completed.

The project would be funded in part by a TIF district, or a tax-increment financing district. This would allow Jefferson parish to use sales tax revenue from the shopping center to fund the developer’s project.

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