Leaders respond to viral video of bullying at Marrero school

Leaders respond to viral video of bullying at Marrero school

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - After a viral video of bullying at school, school leaders are now responding. Marrero Middle School held an informational meeting for parents Tuesday to ask questions.

The viral video caused outrage. In October, 12-year-old Collin Troulliet turned the camera on himself during class, recording bullying he said he endures regularly. School leaders said they dealt with the substitute teacher and students that day, but parents wanted more concrete answers about what’s going on at the school.

Principal Christina Conforto said the school won’t ever be able to eradicate bullying. She asked parents to talk to their children about mistreatment. She also said the school is planning more anti-bullying assemblies and education in school.

“I won’t be able to stop it completely - nor is any other principal - but I am committed to addressing it as soon as it comes to us,” said Conforto.

However, not all parents were satisfied after the meeting. Jessica Troulliet said her son’s life hasn’t gotten easier since he posted the video to social media. Instead, she said he’s still on the receiving end of bullying at the school, and she fears the school doesn’t want to hear their concerns.

“Honestly, it was a joke. The principal had more time to talk than anyone else…as soon as people commented - it’s not just Collin, it’s me being bullied - the meeting stopped so quickly. It’s not what they wanted to hear,” said Troulliet.

And Collin, the student who initially took the video, has a solution of his own, “I want to go to a different school… I don’t feel safe,” he said.

School leaders couldn’t comment on how this specific instance of bullying was handled because it goes against school policies.

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