Bids start over for beignet battle over location at City Park

Battle for Morning Call lease

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The battle begins again over which beignet company will get the lease to do business in City Park.

The whole process started over when one company filed a lawsuit after being disqualified the first time.

Cafe Du Monde, Morning Call and Cafe Beignet showed up to the pre-bid meeting to ask questions about the bid specifications for the City Park location.

“The bid right now is based solely on percentage. I would like to see it based on other factors as well, and same thing with the financial statements. I don’t know if five years worth of financial statements is really necessary,” Cafe Du Monde President Jay Roman said.

“We’re hoping they’ll fix the roof before we do our improvements, cause that’s an issue we’ve been dealing with for several years,” said Morning Call Owner Bob Hennessey. “Also, some of the financial requirements were a little vague, so we wanted them to clarify what exactly was required.”

City Park CEO Bob Becker took notes on those concerns and will consider updating the process.

"We will take those questions and comments into account, and if any change is made to them, we will distribute that to all the parties," Becker said.

The bid process started again after a judge nullified the lease awarded to Cafe Du Monde in June.

Morning Call filed a lawsuit against City Park after it was disqualified for missing a mandatory pre-bid meeting.

Becker said they made some changes to the bid specifications after the judge ruling.

"We tried to clarify, for instance, exactly how the bid would be awarded, we tried to make certain that everybody understood that attendance at this meeting was mandatory and that it would affect the award of the bid," Becker said.

There's no set date on when the bid will be awarded, but Becker said hopefully it will be soon.

"You can never be confident, you know. You have three really strong companies bidding for the same location, but you can be hopeful, and we'll see what happens," Roman said.

"Well, you know with a sealed bid you really don't know what your competition's gonna bid, so we're just gonna give it our best shot, we're gonna crunch the numbers, see what we're comfortable with," Hennessey said.

City Park said they will open the bid on December 5, and will make their decision based on the highest percentage of sales.

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