After Further Review: 2018 Saints are so New Orleans

After Further Review: 2018 Saints are so New Orleans
Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara celebrate a TD. (Source: Paul Spinelli)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -What good would 9-1 be if the team that earned it, were a bunch of boring stiffs that didn’t know how to enjoy their success?

Thankfully that’s not a problem here in New Orleans. The Saints are cruising with nine straight wins, and embodying the city they represent with each passing victory.

In the place known as ‘The Big Easy’, Drew Brees and this Saints offense are making their weekly destruction of dominant defenses look so ridiculously simple, that it doesn’t even seem fair.

In New Orleans, we let the good times roll, and no one seems to be having a better time than these Saints.

Seriously, is any team in the NFL having more fun than these Saints? They’re living their best life, and taking every opportunity to celebrate it.

They choreograph in the end zone after touchdowns. They take pictures when they produce a takeaway. They dance on the sideline to ‘Choppa Style’ in the Superdome. They crank up the speakers in the locker room after a win, and soak up every second of a victorious Sunday.

In other words, they work hard during the week, so they can play even harder on the weekend.

If that isn’t New Orleans, I don’t know what is.

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