Trial date set for former St. John judge accused of indecent behavior with juveniles

Trial date set for former St. John judge accused of indecent behavior with juveniles

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A trial date was set and key evidence was ruled admissible in a hearing Monday (Nov. 19) for a former St. John the Baptist judge accused of indecent behavior with juveniles.

Jeff Perilloux’s attorneys said they will appeal the ad hoc judge’s ruling, which allows text messages and allegations from Florida to be used in the trial against him.

After multiple court hearings, ad hoc Judge Dennis Waldron said he will allow in potentially incriminating text photos and testimony from an incident at Perilloux’s Florida condo -- where Perrilloux is accused of touching one of his daughters 15-year-old friends under her T-shirt and inside her bikini bottom, as he negotiated a curfew.

Other evidence that will be allowed in the trial includes a text photo of Perilloux allegedly resting his head on a 15-year-old girl’s thigh. The court will also allow testimony about Perilloux allegedly giving another girl $100 and offering to take her to dinner. Waldron said this evidence is admissible because it shows “a lustful disposition.”

Perilloux declined comment as he left the courthouse after the hearing, but Assistant Attorney General Matt Derbes said the prosecution is pleased with the ruling.

“The judge allowed 100 percent of what we wanted in,” Derbes said. “We are extremely happy that we will present all evidence and let the jury hear for themselves add all the facts and all the circumstances.”

Perilloux’s attorneys must defend him against a four count indictment, three involving indecent behavior with juveniles. A fourth count alleges misdemeanor sexual battery of an 18-year-old girl.

In his 17-page ruling, Waldron said it is all relevant evidence to show Perilloux’s absence of a mistake or accident and displays “an unusual relationship.” Waldron also ordered Perilloux to stay away from the alleged 18-year-old victim.

Perilloux entered a not-guilty plea in July. His trial is set for March 11, 2019 at the Edgard courthouse.

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