Who Dats revel in Philly blowout

Who Dats revel in Philly blowout

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Who Dats didn’t seem to mind that the blowout win against the Philadelphia Eagles lacked any real suspense. Instead, many said they’re more certain than ever the Saints are headed for Atlanta.

Disappointed Eagles fans can’t argue with the scoreboard. The reigning Super Bowl champs faced absolute decimation against the Black and Gold.

Fans said there was no climax, no turning point, no favorite moment -- the whole thing was a joy to watch Sunday (Nov. 18).

Though there was little suspense, fans said the game was still worth seeing. Watching the Who Dats secure a W, no matter how easy, never gets old.

Who Dats gushed about the team’s star players. They said it’s these power players who will, undoubtedly, pave the road to Atlanta.

Even those outside of the Who Dat nation said they have nothing but respect for the Black and Gold. There’s no stopping the Saints because you can’t argue with results.

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