900 turkeys fried for families in need

900 turkeys fried for families in need

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -The Kiwanis Club in Metairie is frying up 900 turkeys to go toward several good causes in the area.

The Lions Club is frying 900 turkeys to go to families in need.

“We work hard but we play hard too.” Lee Ayo, Chairman, Dawn Busters of Metairie Kiwanis Club.

The turkeys go to serve causes in the area including feeding the homeless, and reading programs for kids. Money raised goes towards scholarships.

“We started getting the Turkeys ready last night and some people got here as early as one o’clock this morning to start the cooking process.” said Ayo.

The turkeys are priced at $47. They are injected with seasoning and fried in cottonseed oil.

Those who ordered the turkeys are able to pick them up at their location on 1627 Metairie Road Wednesday.

Last year’s turkey fry generated over $16,000.

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