Fans and restaurants prepare for Saints home game for Thanksgiving

Restaurants open for Thanksgiving game crowds

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saints fans and restaurants alike are excited for Thursday’s game.

Some businesses will be open for the first time on Thanksgiving just because of the game.

"We're planning on having fried dirty birds tomorrow instead of fried turkey," Karen Touepfer said.

Fans throughout the city are preparing for their Thanksgiving feasts and a big game Thursday as the Saints face off against the Falcons.

"We have a lot to be thankful for, especially the New Orleans Saints. We are so excited that they are doing so well. We love our team, we love our city, and we are just so excited. We know that they are just going to blow away those Dirty Birds," Touepfer said.

For those who aren't cooking, some restaurants by the Superdome will be open just for the game.

"It's the first time in 26 years that we've had the saints here on thanksgiving day, so we've always had that day off, but tomorrow being the Saints, we'll be here," Allegro Bistro Chef Ronald Wilemon said.

Wilemon said the Allegro Bistro booked up fast after fans found out the home game would be against the Falcons.

"Mostly locals. It's usually a lot of them the same people every Sunday. You know, several groups that come every time," Wilemon said.

Fans said they've waited years for this rare home game against the Falcons on Thanksgiving.

"I'm really excited to be going with my fiance and his parents. We're going to have Thanksgiving earlier in the day so we can get down to the dome and see the Saints win," Bridget Stanga said.

"We're eating earlier because of the game. I'm actually going to Luling and then we're going to get back home so I can be home in time for the game," Touepfer said.

They are confident about the Saints going to the Super Bowl.

"Oh yes, absolutely. absolutely. This is our year," Stanga said.

"I think we're going. We're going all the way, Who Dat baby!" Touepfer said.

Allegro Bistro isn't the only business making an exception.

Several other business owners that are normally open on game days say they’ll be open before the game.

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