Criminologist warns carjacking crimes are on the rise

Criminologist warns carjacking crimes are on the rise

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - There is concern after violent carjackers leave one New Orleans family mourning and another hopeful for recovery. But one criminologist says these kinds of crimes are on the rise.

As an off-duty sheriff’s deputy recovers from a gunshot wound to the chest, neighbors are calling for an end to the crime.

“All his windows were busted. He was screaming, he was crying. This is ridiculous,” said a neighbor.

Off-duty Orleans Parish sheriff’s Sgt. Delaney Jordan was visiting his mother when a gunman shot him during an attempted carjacking.

"You can tell he’s very family-oriented because he comes back and checks on his mom,” a neighbor said.

A week prior, Jeannot Plessy was killed in Gentilly after carjackers backed over her while trying to drive away in her SUV. Her children and husband, Pastor David Plessy, are heartbroken.

"She did everything she could do for the community,“ said Plessy’s oldest daughter, Nadia Sanchez.

“My wife was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” said David Plessy.

Ashraf Esmail is a criminologist at Dillard University. He says carjacking crimes are not only more common now, they’re on the rise.

“It’s been a trend not only in New Orleans but across the country,” said Esmail.

Esmail said carjacking is appealing to would-be criminals because it’s quick, hard to solve and easy to take advantage of unsuspecting drivers.

“When you think about crime, you think about success rate. And so a lot of people who do carjacking, the rate is very high. We don’t catch these criminals very much, and people who carjack, either they take the car and use it for whatever purpose and abandon it, so we don’t identify who those people are,” said Esmail.

But friends and family know that if a suspect is intent on getting away in a car, it can come at a devastating price. The NOPD classifies armed carjackings as armed robberies and unarmed carjackings as simple robbery in their crime statistics.

While the number of armed robberies has increased from earlier this year, simple robberies have not.

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