OPSO sergeant speaks out after being shot during attempted carjacking

Deputy speaks out after attempted carjacking

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Orleans Parish sheriff’s deputy who survived a gunman’s attempted carjacking shared the details of his scary experience Thursday.

Sgt. Delaney Jordan was off-duty and visiting his mother when an armed man forced him out of his car.

Jordan, now out of the hospital, has a message for the shooter and others.

After visiting his mother in New Orleans East, Jordan was just getting situated in his car, but someone else was eyeing him.

“I thought it was a game," Jordan said. "It was a small-caliber gun, small guy, didn’t think about it, but I got out the car, (he) told me to get on my knees and turn before I shoot you,” said Jordan.

The gunman demanded money. When Jordan told him he had none, the gunman took his wallet and got in the car. That’s when Jordan leaped into action.

“Him being that he was smaller than I was, I had him, but I didn’t find the gun, but he shot it from under him to get me off of him, not necessarily kill me, so he shot me,” said Jordan.

Laying on the ground with a gunshot wound, the bullet passed through his chest and into his arm.

“I was thinking about my mom, my daughter, my brother. Life. It was a tough moment. I couldn’t breathe,” said Jordan.

Jordan said he served 10 years in the military and another eight years at the sheriff’s office. But outside his mother’s house was the first time he’s ever been shot.

“If they don’t catch him, I hope he stops doing what he’s doing and try a new way of life, because if they do catch him, it won’t be good for him,” said Jordan.

Jordan said he has no feeling in his right hand, and the memory of the carjacking constantly plays through his head.

“I’m still going to remember it, so it’s going to be there, especially as long as this injury is like it is. It’s going to be there,” said Jordan.

But despite the pain and discomfort, Jordan’s remaining positive and he hopes people learn from his experience with this precaution to others: “When you leave your house at night like that, just get in the car and go situate yourself later,” said Jordan.

Leaning on his faith, Jordan said he’s thankful to be alive to tell his story.

“You have to give it to Him and whatever He wants happens. It wasn’t my time,” said Jordan.

NOPD is still investigating the crime. Jordan said he plans to return to work when he’s medically cleared.

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