After Further Review: Saints most interesting man, Taysom Hill, strikes again

Sean and Deuce break down the Saints clinching a playoff spot in Tampa

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -So what did your third string quarterback do today?

Well, in the Saints case, he completely turned his team’s fortunes around Sunday with an improbable blocked punt midway through the third quarter.

That’s Taysom Hill for you. A football Swiss Army knife that always seems to do something unique in every game he plays. He’s the Saints most interesting man, and on Sunday, he added another chapter to his growing folklore.

“I remember sitting on the bench next to Coach Westhoff, and he said something to me, "Hill said after the game. "He was like, ‘man I’ve been a part of football for a long time, this is the type of game where we as a special teams unit can make a big play to change momentum.’”

Right on cue, Hill delivered, and it sent the game into a complete 180.

Before that play, the Saints were down 14-3, and could do no right. Afterward, they could do no wrong. Everything that didn’t work before the block suddenly opened up after it.

They scored on every offensive possession from that point on. It was a stretch of 25 unanswered points, that included a two-point conversion from Alvin Kamara. A gutsy fourth and goal call that sent Drew Brees over the top for a touchdown, instead of settling for a field goal. A downhill touchdown rumble from Mark Ingram that tied him with Deuce McAllister as the franchise’s all-time leader in rushing touchdowns.

In the end, the Saints did what contenders do. Football is an imperfect game, and as fun as it is to blow out opponents like the Saints did during their ten-game win streak, that’s not the norm in the NFL. Some days a team is not going to have their best stuff, and will need a spark to send them to victory.

That spark came Sunday from the man who wears No. 7.

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