Saints fans looking forward to Atlanta

Saints fans looking forward to Atlanta

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Saints fans are thrilled that we’ve won back-to-back division championships, but the win wasn’t easy.

“You never know in football. That’s what I always say,” said Nancy Smith. “Man, look at LSU in the last game! You never know until the bitter end what could happen.”

Some Saints fans say it doesn’t matter how it happened, a win is a win.

“At the beginning I was worried. As a Saints fan, I knew they would pull it off,” said Ben Dupuis.

One couple that arrived back in New Orleans from Tampa were all smiles after a surprise trip for a friend. Angelina Ellis told her husband, Jeremy Ellis, that for his 40th birthday, she was taking him on a trip to Disney World.

Angelina had their friends in on the prank that was planned back in March. But at the last minute they revealed to him he was actually going instead to watch the Saints with his friends by his side.

“He finally found out that he was going to the game,” said Maria Lascola. “He was very relieved. So, the whole thing was a big party for him and he was excited we won."

But it wasn’t all a party, Lascola said they actually considered leaving the game in the first half.

“We look terrible. We just look terrible,” said Lascola. “You start going, should we leave? Is it worth staying in the thunder storm? But we stayed till the end.”

But after halftime, it all changed. Now Who Dats hope to take a trip to Atlanta.

“When we went to Vegas three months ago, I bought a bet that we were going to be in the Super Bowl, and I bought one that we were going to win the Super Bowl, so I’m hoping for one of those,” said Lascola.

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