Outrage after video captures bus driver hitting student

Bus driver accused of attacking student

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A cell phone video of a bus ride home shows an apparent attack on a child by the bus driver.

Now, one parent tells us his son was terrified to ride the bus after the incident.

We learned the video was taken yesterday afternoon as the bus was dropping Bricolage Academy students off at home. We don’t know a lot of details surrounding the event or why it happened.

But parents say they were disgusted watching the video, and just want to know their children are safe on the bus ride home.

A student took this cell phone video that shows a bus driver attacking a child on the ride home. It's unclear what lead up to this, but one parent said he was terrified getting a call from his scared son who was on the bus at the time.

“It was hard to understand because there was a lot of commotion but the one thing I took from the conversation was the bus driver got in a fight on the bus,” said the parent. The parent did not want to be identified, but says he tried to get his son off the bus as soon as possible.

“First thought that goes through your mind is that could be my child getting hit,” said the parent. Bricolage Academy sent a message to parents, acknowledging they’re aware of the incident and are in the process of severing their contract with the bus company: Scholars First.

The parent though said they filed many complaints with the school about the company before this incident happened.

“The bus being late for school to pick up the kids, the buses not showing up; there's no really accountability that I feel has been had between Bricolage and the bus company,” said the parent.

He says at the end of the day, he just wants to know his son will get home safely.

“As a parent you have to have assurances that when they step on that bus to when they step off that they’re safe they’re in a safe environment and I don’t feel that’s the case,” said the parent.

A number of parents today told me they're choosing to drive their child to school rather than have them ride the bus.

In a statement Bricolage CEO, Josh Densen says the bus company fired the driver involved. Densen also said when learning of the incident, the school immediately contacted NOPD and child services.

“Any time you have an adult who’s charged with taking care of children and they provide anything other than the best possible care its reprehensible, there’s no excuse for it at all, there’s no place for it, on buses, in schools, there’s no place for it in this world we should never ever be striking children,” said Densen.

The statement goes on to say: "Every child has a right to safe transportation... There is no excuse for cruelty of any kind, much less violent behavior."

We also reached out to Scholars First, but haven't heard back.

School leaders report the child is healthy with little to no injuries.

NOPD says they’re aware of the video, and are looking into it.

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