Fans: Did Cam Newton shake Drew Brees’ hand after the game?

Video evidence presented from "Shakegate”

Cam greets Drew at midfield

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Did Cam Newton bump Drew Brees at midfield after the Saints win over the Panthers?

Newton appeared to bump Brees during a midfield meeting after Carolina lost 12-9 on Monday Night Football.

The allged bump forced fans to take to social media.

However, FOX 8’s own photojournalist Edwin Goode captured the real story. Newton did in fact shake hands with Brees, as seen in the video above. In fact, it was so slick, some fans missed the gesture.

Not only did he shake Drew’s hand, but the video also shows him shaking the hand of wide receiver Michael Thomas.

For the uninitiated, when some people shake hands, they forego the traditional grabbing of hands and using a vertical shake motion. These kinds of handshakes are common in the workplace, or when meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time.

However, after some time, people will add variations to the customary greeting.

As puts it:

  • Start with a basic handshake or fistbump.
  • Add an alternate move. In this case, Newton and Brees pulled in for a shoulder bump. This was the cause of great controversy among Saints fans.
  • Make a noise or salutation.

It gets dicey from there. You can walk away at this point, or continue with choreographed moves. If you choose to walk away, remember to make it look natural.

The dismount is key.

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