Juan’s World: On to the playoffs

Brees on the Saints offense: "We're at the forefront of innovation and creativity"

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Welcome into Juan’s World, and I’ve decided to overlook what happened in the Dome today. The Saints disappearing act against the Carolina Panthers can be forgiven and certainly forgotten.

I mean, no Drew Brees, usually no Saints win. At least, that’s how it’s gone every time he hasn’t played.

I enjoyed watching Teddy Bridgewater start his first game in nearly three years. But, I’m not wanting to see Teddy on the field the rest of this season, because it likely means something has happened to Drew.

Micheal Thomas broke Joe Horn’s receiving yards record, and then he sat. I would’ve liked to see him break it long before the 4th quarter. Thankfully, he didn’t get hurt in trying.

Mark Ingram’s chase for Deuce McAllister’s career rushing record will have to wait another season. But, then again, with this being his contract year, Deuce’s mark may stand for a while longer if the Saints decide to move on from the Alabama alum.

If there was a cause for concern, it was with the team’s defense. Which played most of its starters, and struggled affect the Panthers third and fourth-string quarterbacks. Sean Payton wasn’t happy about it, but maybe it’s just the wake-up call that unit needs going forward into the playoffs.

This game had all the feels of a 4th preseason game. The only thing the Saints had to play for was a franchis-record 14th win, and they didn’t get that. If they can win their next three games, all of which will be played in a stadium with the name Mercedes-Benz attached to it, then today’s loss will be nothing more than a ‘bump’ in their road to another Super Bowl win.

Juan’s World, Juan’s World....Excellent!!!!

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