Section 642: 8 moments since 2006

I sit in cheap seats and love it.

Section 642: 8 moments since 2006
Bill Harris, aka "The Unknown Who Dat" (Source: HANDOUT)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -It’s been almost 10 years since the Saints have had a run like this. Your kids have grown up only knowing the millennial Black and Gold. So forget about the bags and that Aaron Brooks pass. Let’s take a look at a fan’s favorite moments

Reggie Bush Flip:

Love it or hate it, that flip changed the fate of the Saints for years. See you in the NFC Championship, Bears.

Unknown Who Dat

This holds a special place in my heart because me and Mr. Bill Harris became friends. When I interviewed him for a story, his son told me that Mr. Bill’s finger got cut off on the way to the game. It’s a long story, but he still made it to the Redskins game. Google it.

Super Bowl Onside Kick

The NFL says it’s the #9 play in Super Bowl history. Drew Brees is #9. Take that fate!

Saints Parade

BEST PARADE EVA (as they say in DA PARISH). This is why you live here. People ran out into the streets and had fun. What a great moment for a healing city.

Drew Brees and Peyton Manning

What are the odds we would have them here in New Orleans. I guess I should include Eli. Collectively, we’re the Michael Jordan of Super Bowls when it comes to the city.

The sons of New Orleans are so young in this picture. Heart Emoji.
The sons of New Orleans are so young in this picture. Heart Emoji. (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Minnesota Miracle

Nah ... not that miracle, the other one. “This is not Detroit, man! This is the Super Bowl!”

Winning the Super Bowl in Atlanta

This hasn’t happened, but if it does we will exercise several demons. Seattle or Dallas. Chicago. New England. Thanks football for handing us this possible gift. Also ... thanks for handing us this gift from Steve Gleason. He blocked four punts in four years:

Drew Brees is MVP

This is a long shot because Patrick Mahomes II has better stats. Drew Brees is mentioned in the same breath as Joe Montana and helped rejuvenate a city on its knees. Mahomes seems like a stand up guy and might break every record, but Drew deserves it this year.

Jim Henderson

I’ll let him tell it in his own words:

You probably have your own favorite moments - first playoff win, that 49ers game, Dempsy, etc. - but these are just a few moments to consider as we move into the playoffs. Who Dat.

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