Tigers prepare for ‘one of their biggest challenges’ all year

LSU 8-0 in games following losses under Ed Orgeron

Tigers prepare for ‘one of their biggest challenges’ all year
(Source: Photo by: Josh Auzenne)


If you’re going to take a loss every now and then, it’s at least good to know that you can bounce back. And though LSU would like to avoid those pitfalls altogether, the fact that they’re 8-0 in the games following losses says a lot about the job that Ed Orgeron’s been doing over the last three seasons.

(Source: Photo by: Josh Auzenne/WAFB)

However, this will be the ultimate test of resiliency for the Tigers, not just trying to redeem themselves from a disappointing end to the regular season, but doing it against a team that hasn’t dropped a game since 2016.

“We can’t control the other opponent,” says Orgeron. “It’s never going to be about them. It’s about the LSU Tigers. We’ve got to control what we can control and do the things that we can do well. You don’t get to this game without having a great football team on both sides. This is going to be a big challenge for us and one our biggest challenges all year.”

That means the preparation has to be the same as it would for any other game.

“The attention to detail from the first practice, demanding doing things right on the daily basis, having great practice, having team periods, making them game-like,” says Orgeron. “We’re going to have to play our best football game. I think we’ve had our best practices, but we’re going to see tomorrow.”

Coach Orgeron didn’t hold back on what winning this bowl game would mean for LSU’s program, even admitting that the result would directly affect how they finish up recruiting and spring football. Certainly, with all of the progress they’ve made this year, the Tigers don’t want anything to set them back now.

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