Winning ten games very important to LSU on eve of the Fiesta Bowl

Winning ten games very important to LSU on eve of the Fiesta Bowl
Fiesta Bowl kicks off at 12 p.m. Central time Tuesday.

GLENDALE, ARIZONA (WVUE) - As the coaches wrapped up their final pregame media responsibilities, one thing in particular stood out from LSU coach Ed Orgeron. He said they are very disappointed, and not satisfied with how their regular season ended. So anyone thinking that they’re not taking this Fiesta Bowl seriously against UCF, is very mistaken.

“We felt like we had an excellent season. Going into the season, nobody knew about what we had, and there was a lot of predictions here and there," said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron.

"We blocked out the noise. We’re very disappointed in the outcome of our last game, and there were some factors there that we couldn’t control. We don’t like losing, nobody does. We have a chip on our shoulder, we’re going to play hard. There were some things in our last game that we could’ve controlled that we didn’t control, and we plan on doing that tomorrow. Winning ten games, winning a bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, our first New Year’s Six, would say a lot about our program. It helps in recruiting, helps in the spring. Kinda makes the next seven months some good months, positive months, projecting for the next year.”

But that said, the Tigers very much know the challenge that lies ahead with a big UCF offense that likes to take their shots down the field and will certainly test LSU’s inexperienced cornerbacks.

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