13-year-old kills 27-point buck in TN

13-year-old kills 27-point buck in TN
Bo Ezell poses with a 27-point buck he killed in Benton County, Tennessee on Dec. 28, 2018. (Source: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency)

BENTON COUNTY, TN (WAFF) - A teenager is gaining attention for an impressive hunting trophy in in Benton County, Tennessee.

13-year-old Bo Ezell killed a buck with 27 scorable points. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency posted the on social media.

According to the agency, Bo wanted to go squirrel hunting on Dec. 28 but couldn’t find his dog. So he hung out at home until a friend called to ask if “he wanted to come shoot a buck that she just saw behind her house.”

When Bo and his friend found the deer near a creek, he said it “looked like it had a big bush on his head.”

Bo said the buck looked directly at him. He said, “I got rattled and just started shaking.”

Bo fired multiple times, hitting him three times.

He said when it was all over, he had to sit down and think about what just happened. According to Bo, it was just “crazy” hunt. He went from thinking he was going hunting for a small buck and instead got a huge one.

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