One lane of I-10 East at Vets remains closed after fiery crash

Lanes reopen after fiery I-10 crash snarls traffic for miles

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -State Troopers continue to search for the driver of a car involved in a fiery crash that has left one lane of I-10 East at Veterans closed indefinitely.

Flames could be seen Wednesday morning from an 18-wheeler.

Investigators say a Grand Marquis sideswiped it, and sent the rear trailer over the guardrail.

No one was seriously hurt, but I-10 was closed in both directions for hours.

Police tracked the Silver Marquis to a driveway in Metairie, but the driver was not there.

“You brought this to my home. I sleep here this is ridiculous,” said Britany O’Donegan. “I have a 14-year-old sister inside who is literally petrified because there are cops here, there are news crews here are you kidding. Are you kidding me? Be a man. Take up for your actions and turn yourself in.”

The left lane of I-10 East will remain closed as crews inspect the bridge for damage and perform emergency repairs on piers under the roadway.

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