Stolen vehicle crashes into house after police chase

Stolen vehicle crashes into house after police chase

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - “I walked out, opened my door and I was like, where is my car?” said Allison Baehr.

Baehr quickly realized someone stole her Buick SUV from the front of her home in the 5900 block of St. Roch Avenue.

“Our neighbor called last night and said their car was almost stolen, so I guess they came across the street. I don’t know,” Baehr said.

After she realized what happened, a state trooper showed up at her front door.

“You can’t comprehend everything that the officer is telling you,” Baehr said.

Thursday (Jan. 10) at around 7:20 a.m., a trooper was conducting speed enforcement on the I-10 eastbound near Crowder when he saw Baehr’s stolen vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed. The trooper tried to stop the SUV, but the driver in the stolen vehicle took off. The trooper chased him, and they ended up on Crowder Boulevard.

“The vehicle hit two parked cars, one has a passenger in the car,” said a woman who did not want to be identified.

Police said a woman in one of the parked cars that was hit sustained minor injuries. The driver of the stolen SUV then knocked over a mailbox, traveled across a lawn and hit a home. No one inside was hurt, but police said the suspect hopped out of the vehicle and took off on foot.

“I believe he went through my neighbor’s yard, but I also know he had a gun that was tossed into my backyard,” one neighbor said.

Police said they found a semi-automatic handgun, which was stolen out of Jefferson Parish, on the scene.

Baehr said she is shaken.

“I’m in shock because this happened all so close to where the incident happened with the pastor’s wife, and we’re still not fully calmed down from that,” she said.

Baehr’s SUV was stolen from the same Gentilly neighborhood where a carjacker ran over and killed Jeannot Plessy back in November. At that time, car thefts were up, and the trend continues.

The NOPD said so far this year, thieves stole nine vehicles from the Third District, compared to two during the same time period last year.

“I hope there’s an end in sight in Gentilly. We want peace. It’s a peaceful neighborhood. It’s quiet, and we just want it to end,” Baehr said.

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