Saints fans suit up for big game

Saints fans suit up for big game

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Thousands of Saints fans will head to the Superdome this Sunday for the big playoff game, and hundreds will dress up. Some are more recognizable than others, but those who costume for the games say the experience can’t be matched.

They are Saints' super fans we’ve grown accustomed to. For 16 years, Randy Bonneval has been dressing as a black and gold Elvis, and has loved every minute.

"It's awesome, I must have taken a thousand pictures," said Bonneval.

But for every super fan, there are scores of other fans in every corner of the Dome who may be less recognizable, but whose spirit is solid black and gold.

Lee Edmonson and Bubba Villarrubia are lifelong friends and Saints fans, and this weekend they’re on a mission. By day, one runs a local playground and the other sells insurance. But on football weekends, it’s time for these former high school football players to suit up once more. They have dozens to choose from.

"We had karate suits, and we went Choppa style," said Edmonson as he karate chopped the air.

Or they may go as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

“We have one that’s Tinkerbell, and he goes like Peter Pan, and never never land. Hopefully, we never lose,” said Edmonson.

And that’s the goal - finding just the right costume to celebrate the Saints league leading record and the divisional playoff game against the Eagles.

"Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 different costumes," said Edmonson.

It's not an easy task.

After much deliberation, the decision is made. They will go as Dorothy and Scarecrow from “Wizard of Oz.”

“Who dat! There’s no place like Dome,” said Edmonson.

For those who costume, the memories are incomparable.

“Just do it. If your thinking about it...there are so many people who dress up,” said Bonneval.

“We have never made kickoff because we get stopped so many times by people taking pictures,” said Edmonson.

But wind chill may be a factor.

“It may be a little cold Sunday, so we’re thinking about it. Maybe some fishnets,” said Edmonson.

Lee and Bubba have been dressing up for Saints' games for 12 years. They say the Saints have never lost a home playoff game when they costume.

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