Picture revealed of Lombardi Trophy and cash used in Payton’s pep talk

Picture revealed of Lombardi Trophy and cash used in Payton’s pep talk
225K in cash, Lombardi Trophy, and a Super Bowl ring were used to fire up the team on Tuesday.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Sean Payton brought four armed guards on Tuesday into the locker room, while holding the Lombardi trophy on top of $225,000 in cash.

Payton told his players that if they wanted the trophy and cash then they would have to “Win three F-ing games.”

Players that win Super Bowl LIII receive a $225,000 bonus ... and of course the championship trophy.

This morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport posted a picture of the money and the trophy used for Payton’s motivational speech.

Payton’s motivational tactic no doubt caught the eyes of his players.

“Sean is trying to give everyone a vision of what we’re after. Everything comes through this place,” quarterback Drew Brees said. “First things first, this game is the most important game of the season.”

If you saw all that money in front of you, you would get excited too. Anybody would get excited about that. I’m right along with him. If we get it done, I need it all in 20′s in a duffle bag delivered to my door, that’s what I need. Sean does a great job of getting us ready. He knows what buttons to push. How to peak guys interest. For him to do that, and keep guys more excited than they already are to play a playoff game. I think guys are amped up and ready to go," said Sheldon Rankins.

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