S&WB responds to Gentilly water main break, two schools closed

Gentilly water main break

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -The Sewerage and Water Board is responding to a water main break in Gentilly Monday morning.

The S&WB posted on the Next Door app that a 12-inch water main break was reported at 5900 Cartier Drive.

Cartier Drive is currently closed to traffic from Athis to Burbank.

A second water main break was reported at the corner of Flamingo and Robert E. Lee. According to the S&WB, the break is a six-inch water line.

The S&WB is in contact with the schools and will provide updates regarding when schools can reopen.

John F. Kennedy High School located at 6026 Paris Avenue is closed due to water pressure being too low to to maintain normal operations, according to a release issued by school officials.

School Administrators will be in the office to field questions from the school community. Updates will be provided by School Messenger telephone service to parents and on social media.

Holy Cross School is also closed due to low water pressure, according to Amy Nolan, PR Director. The Elysian Fields campus is not impacted

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