Sean Payton and Sean McVay share similarities as head coaches

Sean Payton and Sean McVay share similarities as head coaches
Sean Payton coaches the Saints to a victory in Baltimore. (Source: Photo by Michael DeMocker, | The Times-Picayune)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - When it comes to both head coaches in the NFC Championship game-Sean Payton and Sean McVay- the similarities are striking. It begins with their first names. And it’s ‘Sean’ S-E-A-N. It’s a spelling this reporter is quite familiar with.

“We spell our first names the right way,” Payton said

‘"The right way," I interjected.

“There you go," Payton responded with laughter.

But there’s more, a lot more. Both Payton and McVay are considered two of the game’s best offensive playcallers. Their respective offenses are ranked in the top three in scoring points. Both got their start in the NFL under Jon Gruden.

”Sometimes you can’t control where you’re at for your first job‚" Payton explained. "When you’re fortunate to be around coaches like Jon or Bill [Parcells]. Sometimes that’s just good fortune and then your bloodlines are good. I wouldn’t speak for Sean, but I’m sure he’d feel the same way. "

Both took advantage of their opportunity and eventually landed head coaching gigs at a young age. Payton was 42 when he arrived in New Orleans. McVay was 31 when he got the Rams job. And at the end of the day, both have a mutual respect for the other.

“Sean and I have a real good relationship," Payton said. "He’s an engaging guy and a fun guy to be around.”

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