Saintsations and super fans ready for Championship Game

Saintsations and super fans ready for Championship Game

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Ahead of the big weekend, fans are more riled up than ever.

The Saintsations and Saints super fans said they're pumped up for the Championship Game.

"To win pretty much every home game, that's unheard of, and just the fans, the energy in the dome, it's electrifying in there," Saintsation Lauren Hulin said.

"We're nervous, excited, ecstatic, a whole bunch of emotions running through our minds, but we're confident," Super Fan Soul Saint said.

"We're very confident, we believe!" Super fans exclaimed.

Super fans said if the Eagles game was any indication of fan impact, they need to do the same this weekend.

"Foles, they had to call time outs. Foles couldn't really hear, distracted him, that's what we need. And we need the fans to get loud before they go in the huddle, not when they come to the line, before they go in the huddle," Soul Saint said.

"The energy in the dome, there's nothing like it. It goes from high if the Saints aren't doing so good, you know it goes a little low, but most of the time, the energy is through the roof," Saintsation Amber Scott said

Those who need a little extra help getting pumped up can depend on the super fans.

"We're like motivators. When they see us standing up, the crowd gets up behind us. My section, I get them to stand up and everything, we're all motivators," Soul Saint said.

"I think we're coming out full force, non-stop, they think the Rams, no bam! We on it," Sister Soul said.

The Saintsations said they've been practicing hard all week.

"Each game, the more intense it gets, the more intense our dances get," Saintsation Amber Scott said.

For many fans, it will be a bittersweet last game home in the dome.

“No matter what, even though it is the last game, it’s been an awesome season, so, with that, we’re just excited, but we’re not ready for it to be the last game in the dome though,” Joley Hughes said.

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